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Banshee Stage 1 Intercooler Upgrade Available Soon! Early Bird Special!

This coming week at some point we will be dynoing our X350 XJR to see what type of gains (if any) we managed to pick up from our Intercooler upgrade.

While we are not expecting anything groundbreaking in terms of Horsepower gained, we believe the system helps the supercharger run more efficiently in general and that there may be a few correlating ponies picked up. We'll see!

In celebration of a new product introduction to the Jaguar Community, we are once again offering an early bird special for our loyal customers who help make it possible to do what we do!

The first 10 customers to place their order and pay in full, in advance, will recieve a 10% off discount AND Free shipping for their order!

Please make sure you review the recently made public, product page to view all of item the details!

Also! Don't forget to get in on the early bird discount bu signing up to be notified when the Banshee Intercooler Upgrade goes live!

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