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Banshee Intercooler Upgrade

Banshee Intercooler Upgrade

The singular heat soak solution for your XJR or STR!


By divorcing the intercooler system from the radiator, adding a reservoir, and upgrading the stock single pass heat exchanger to a larger dual pass unit, we maintained OEM fitment and reduced intercooler fluid temps by 140 DEGREES F!

This is translated to 46 DEGREE F pump outlet temps after 45 minutes of idling in 70 DEGREE AMBIENT TEMPS USING THE STOCK HELLA PUMP.

Stay tuned! We’ll be releasing this very soon!


  • What’s not included?

    The intercooler tank.

    We opted to leave sourcing this piece up to you for two reasons.

    1: We can’t warranty used GT500 Intercooler Tanks and you can get them cheaper directly from their usual sources.

    2: We have not found an affordable option to include with the kit that won’t launch it’s price into the stratosphere, yet. lol

    We highly recommend sourcing a used GT500 tank like we did if you are trying to keep it light on the budget.

  • Any special hardware or fabrication?

    The upgrade reuses a lot of existing hoses and only needs to have small hardware made to mount in the oem location.

    -4 small metal tabs to mount the heat exchanger to the oem mounting points.

    -2 brackets to mount the Oil cooler.

    -Models with a power-steering cooler will need to delete it. We used a small piece of power steering hose to loop the system. Deleting the power steering cooler has had no observed negative effects on drivability or function.

  • What’s included?

    -Banshee, Dual Pass Heat Exchanger.

    -Hoses, clamps and Fittings.

    -PDF File containing installation info and tips.

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