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Fitment Disclaimer

The screamer is a hefty piece of equipment, coming in at 3.5” diameter. Fitment will be tight, it will touch some things, but rest assured it was considered in the design and the slight indention made on the rear of the TB elbow makes no impact to performance and is mostly unavoidable without changing or removing the strut tower brace. 
The plastic cowl resting on the plenum is also of little to no concern and some customers have taken a dremel to the plastic in order to shape it around the plenum for aesthetic. 
The metal cowl may touch the rear of the TB elbow and some customers have put a piece of rubber trim there to alleviate any rubbing. 
FWIW. My personal vehicle has been running the intake for 3 years with no signs of significant wear. 
Overall fitment of the intake will rely on the length of coupler used. The couplers are purposefully slightly longer in order to adjust fitment by how deep or shallow the pipes are set into the silicone. Most fitment issues can be resolved by adjusting the fitment of the pipes in the couplers.
To avoid hood clearance issues on the S-Type R, try not to set the plenum too deep into the TB elbow. Doing so will cause the plenum to angle upward and hit the hood.
I cannot stress this enough…
If two drunk guys in Texas can install this on an S-Type R IN THE DARK, with zero fitment issues, trust me… You can too! 😅
HOWEVER… If you aren’t so mechanically inclined and need help, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I’ll instruct over video chat as best as I can. 

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