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Updating the XJR Screamer.

With the recent introduction of the S-Type R version of the Screamer, questions and ideas of improving the XJR version it was based on, started brewing and, once again... I found myself elbows deep in my engine bay ripping my poor battered, scratched, scored, dinged, and dingy fingerprint covered Screamer out of the car to measure and try to find possible improvements to implement.

XJR screamer 2.0

No lie... The S-Type R’s engine bay is tighter than the XJR’s and leaves for more tolerances and wiggle room, however given the number of screamers doing their Job on cars all around the world, there was one inquiry asking for help with install guidance as they couldn’t manage to close the hood.

I realized, what may seem straight forward to some may still be complicated to others and maybe the design could benefit from another look at fitment.

XJR Screamer 1.0

current fitment is tight indeed, even in the XJR. A 3.5” intake takes up a lot of room. The popular saying goes “If it ain’t broke don‘t fix it” and while the same could be said here and I could just leave it at “The screamer is a big intake, fitment is gonna have to be perfect or near it in order to fit comfortably.“

But... I can’t... soooo I’m back at the drawing board trying to make sure the screamer is the best intake on the market for the XJR/STR on all fronts.

XJR Screamer 2.0

Screamer V2.0 is coming and existing customers aren‘t SOL on the redesign.

Just before the first batch of orders went out, I made a design change that improved fitment for XJRs. While the new V2.0 intake has a slightly more oval shape throughout, the biggest part that made fitment the tough part is the 45deg turndown at the end of the plenum Where it meets the J-Pipe.

With the help of our friend Nick, in the UK, we learned that the 45deg turndown was just not feasible in the STR engine bay and the intake needed to lay more flat.

XJR Screamer 1.0

Ironically enough, the 45deg turndown was opted for to try to help bring the front of the intake down more in order to help with hood clearance and, while it does help when placed in the perfect position, the straight coupler design of the STR Screamer seems to also show benefit on the XJR version as well.

Basically, the final version of the screamer post release already has the slightly more oval plenum and simply just needs the new center coupler design to create more clearance to make install easier.

XJR Screamer 2.0

With that said, once the update is done in fitment stages, existing customers can contact myself and I’ll send out the required components to bring your Screamer up to date, free of charge.

Of course, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, new customers will get the Screamer with the update already applied.

We’ll continue to improve and better, not only the Screamer line of intakes but, all of our upcoming performance products for your 4.2L Supercharged Jaguar and, strive to provide the quality and value that your big cat deserves.

XJR Screamer 1.0

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