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The Banshee Screamer is going MODULAR!


After lots of inquiries, requests, and generally just a lot of interest in a plenum only option from those who already have a J-Pipe intake and want just the plenum for it’s standalone gains of up to 20whp and 18wtq to complement their current setup, we have decided to answer the call!

Now, our complete intake system will be available in two separate pieces.

Of course we will also have our 3.5” J-Pipe available as well for those who are happy with their OEM or upgraded Range Rover Upper Intake Plenum but want to upgrade the J-Pipe section.

With Covid seemingly dying off, markets are being flooded with orders as people return to work and play… we have been experiencing piping shortages so currently some items are unavailable. We will update as we receive info on what is available.

Thanks so much for everyone’s patience with their orders! We have so much more in store for the platform!

Here’s a picture of the BSI mule to send off this post. ;)

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