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S-Type R Screamers are here!!!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

With help from our good friend in the UK, we now have the measurements and data needed to produce the screamer for the S-Type R!!!

“When I started this little project, I never expected to receive so much feedback and requests for support from enthusiasts of other Jaguar models... then again, when I started this project, I never expected to be making dozens of intakes a month to send out to other enthusiasts either...”

-Joel Brown. Creator and founder of the Banshee Screamer Intake.

After several months of waiting and a weekend of making slight changes to fit the S-Type R platform, we finally have an intake for the XJR’s little brother. 💪🏽

All of the same benefits, along with a slimmer, more STR engine bay friendly design that delivers the same ear to ear grin every time you depress the accelerator.

if you’ve been waiting for it, now is the time to order!

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