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A closer look at the new S-Type R intake!

As many of you know, we’ve been hard at work getting the measurements and data we needed to ensure the same fitment, look, and performance delivered by our XJR intakes.

To do this we sent correspondence back and forth between our ambassador in the UK utilizing chat and video calling to work together to bring the Banshee Screamer to the STR platform.

several changes needed to be made to adjust for fitment, though slight and simple, the changes were necessary.

(Photo Courtesy of our UK ambassador, Nick Elliot)

The STR version intake is a work of art that will not only look great in your engine bay, but it will provide and audible increase in sound to the supercharger as well as exhaust note and overall engine sound. On too of the cosmetic and audible improvements, the screamer will add upwards of 20whp and 18wtq just like it’s predecessor for the XJR!

to get the fit and finish we needed, the center 45deg coupler was replaced with a straight coupler and, the plenum was shaped from the traditional screamer conical design to a more oval design to help with hood clearance, the conical shape is less pronounced but still there to create velocity. When you receive your STR screamer, you’ll notice a tag that reads “To 90deg bend” this end will insert into the 90 degree elbow that goes to the throttle body.

the end of the J-pipe was also ovaled slightly to give a smoother transition and better mating surface between the plenum and J-Pipe.

Combined, the suggested changes along with the measurements sent to us by our friend Nick, helped bring the STR version of the Banshee Screamer to fruition!

ordering is now available internationally on our shop page!

we expect similar gains as our XJR version, but dyno data should still be coming soon!

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